These medical kits contain first aid supplies for your outdoor adventures. The reusable, waterproof dry bag will keep supplies safe and protected. The kits weigh less than 8 oz. for easy access and convenient transportation. It is sold in 4 different sizes for varying intensity trips – from a solo day trip to days-long trips with larger groups.
  • Clean and protect injuries with antibiotic ointment, medical tape and a variety of bandages
  •  Manage pain and illnesses with medications for inflammation, pain and common allergies
  •  Stop blisters before they start with moleskin, a reliable dressing that reduces friction; kit includes 14 die-cut pieces, shaped to fit common problem areas
  •  Includes specially designed forceps to remove ticks or splinters
  •  After Bite® wipes with diphenhydramine help treat minor allergic reactions to bites and stop itching
  •  Extremely compact—weighing a mere 2.6 oz.—this medical kit fits in a PFD pocket and makes a portable addition to your outdoor gear