Marty Ohlhaut loved the great outdoors, and he loved his family, but this time, the combination proved disastrous.

Cooped up inside due to long work hours, Marty was excited about taking off with his wife and five children for the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Aware that this could be their last camping trip together, he wanted to make it extra memorable.

Little did he know how memorable it would be. From a massive heat wave and tainted water to encounters with aggressive red ants and formidable bears, they experienced one problem after another. Then tragedy struck, forcing Marty to face the terrifying possibility of losing a loved one. With the help of mysterious strangers in one of the world's most awe-inspiring locations, he fought to keep his family alive and his sanity intact.

Now, three decades later, he joins forces with his daughter Grace Ly to recount the gripping tale of that ill-fated vacation. Written with candor and wit reminiscent of Bill Bryson, 
Tent for Seven vividly captures both the grandeur and the dangers of the wilderness as Marty learns just how much his wife and children mean to him—and how fragile life could be.