Jesse Brown's Outdoors is excited to offer the Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler. The Roadie 24 can hold up to 18 cans, or, if you travel with taller bottles, such as wine bottles, most of those can be carried vertically inside. 30% more thermally efficient. 

The Neverfail Hinge system and Quicklatches make closing and locking your ice chest an easy one-handed move allowing you to keep a beverage or sock puppet on your other hand. The Bearfoot non-slip feet keep your Roadie 24 from slliding on the boot deck or tailgate.

Doubles as a camp seat or a casting platform on the front of your flats boat!

So, when and where can you use this? Anywhere and anytime. Packed properly this can keep you and your group in ice, or drinks, or safely chilled/frozen food for a weekend getaway or a full day on the water. Easily transition from those activities to keeping juice boxes and oranges cold for little league, or for delivering meals to hungry neighbors.