The wading boot that changed fly fishing! Many fly fishing anglers have become accustomed to heavy wading boots that leave feet aching and sore by the end of an otherwise epic day of fly fishing. When Simms debuted the Flyweight Boots they eschewed conventional wisdow and tradition; they brought us a lightweight wading boot that fits more like a training shoe or a midweight hiking boot. If your fly fishing days require you to hole hop, maybe even pack up your rig and drive to another stream, or your homewaters aren't treachorous, the Simms Flyweight Boot at Jesse Brown's Outdoors may be for you.

This boot design has the lightweight feel of a hiking boot on the trail and wading boot functionality in the stream. Plus, the Vibram outsole provides traction and stability on wet and mossy rocks. Whether it is the rubber-sole or felt-bottom option, the functionality of this boot makes it perfect for your next mountain adventure.