Trout Don’t Live In Ugly Places… They live in beautiful places, especially along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Within the pages of this valuable guide, fly fishing savant Sam R. Johnson has captured an incredible “bucket list” of MANY of the most serene and productive places to chase trout along the Parkway! 

His boots-on-the-ground and lines-in-the-water experience, offer detailed descriptions and insight for each water shed. Plus, with just enough of history and lore to make those evening campfire sessions even more interesting!

This Volume 1 of a now 2 book series, was Sam's first. Across 308-pages, and in full color, this book focuses on the water along the 252-mile North Carolina Section. It quickly became a much in demand resource for trout anglers and is still a much sought after guide!

Complement this book with the new Volume 2: Virginia Section