Echo Lift Fly Rod Kits include the Echo Lift Fly Rod, Echo Base Fly Reel, high performance fly line, dacron backing, tapered leaders, and Echo Rod & Reel Case. Each complete outfit is shipped professionally loaded and ready to fish...just tie on a fly.


Echo Lift Fly Rods are an amazing value and very nice casting rods. The Echo Lift 6wt is a smooth casting, powerful, medium-fast action fly rod that is perfect as an all-purpose fly rod for trout and smallmouth bass in medium to large rivers. The Lift 690 will launch streamers to that cut in the bank, throw bass bugs straight to their target, and present a hopper at 70ft. This versatile 6wt performs well in virtually any situation for trout and smallmouth bass and is ideal for newer anglers or those on a smaller budget.


The Echo Lift fly rods incorporate the latest graphite materials and technologies, creating a rod series that helps beginners throw tight loops like a pro. Whether you're newer to the sport, or looking for a solid back-up rod, the Echo Lift offers quality and performance for a very modest price.

Echo is legendary for building exceptional, high-performance rods that rival the best rods on the market, at a much lower price. The Echo Lift fly rods are definitely a best performance value. If you are looking for a smooth, crisp, medium-fast action rod with great line feel, the Echo Lift is the rod for you.