Less is More. With elements of Ross' original Colorado click and pawl reel, the new Colorado LT retains the same ruggedness and the signature all-metal clicker of its older brother. However, this Colorado LT is built with a new aesthetic and modern design evident in its large arbor and highly detailed porting. It is the lightest reel in its class, without plastics, and sports a super-strong, fully machined aluminum frame and spool paired with a handle machined from canvas phenolic rod - an industry first. This innovative material is found in the handles of high-end custom knives and also has the very useful property of increasing grip when wet. The Colorado LT boasts only 15 total parts, all designed, machined, and assembled in Colorado, USA - a heritage reflected in the Colorado flag milled into the frame and the mountain silhouette found on the anodized aluminum clicker cover. This is a reel that allows you to focus on your passion and your surroundings, wherever the river may take you.