The fly fishing reel to make your fishing buddies jealous and the fish scared. Designed to be as light as possible and engineered to be stronger than necessary, this Nautilus fly fishing reel is at home stalking the flats, deep in the mangroves, or drifting absurd Northern fisheries.

This reel includes the dual action CCF-X2 drag system, with twice the drag strength, twice the smoothness, and half the startup inertia as the former CCF. The big game handle is perfect for fish fighting, and the 8/10 model has up to 12 inches of line pick up.

  • The CCF-X2 Disc Braking System is an upgraded, stronger, lighter version of the Cork and Carbon Fiber brake of its predecessor. It features twice the drag surface in a dual action brake configuration. Coupled with hybrid ceramic bearings, the reel delivers less than 1% startup inertia at all drag settings. This brake unit is feather light and can be easily switched from RH to LH retrieve. The Brembo® brakes of fly fishing.
  • Perpetually repels contaminants from braking system.
  • Giga: The Uber arbors of fly fishing reels. Reel in more than a foot per turn of the handle. A unique design feature of these spools is grooves that let the bottom of the backing breathe to promote faster drying. The giga arbors have redefined large arbor reel design.
  • The over sized CCF-X2 drag knob features the InfinAdjust drag control system: six turns of the drag knob take you from zero to 20+lbs to allow you to precisely adjust your drag tension without fear of over adjusting.
Model Line Capacity Weight
No. 6/8 WF-8 +175 yds #20 7.6 0z.
No. 8/10 WF-10 +200 yds #30 8.6 0z.
No. 10/12 WF-12 +250 yds #30 8.9 0z.