Journey high above the world’s most unforgettable waterscapes with this spectacular collection of aerial water and flyfishing photographs from Winston Rod Company’s David Ondaatje.

Water Views: Rivers, Lakes, Oceans  is a breathtaking overview of the most striking bodies of water from around the world, including dramatic flyfishing photographs taken in Montana, Idaho, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Belize, Mexico and the Bahamas. These stunning aerial images celebrate the world’s waterways, shorelines, and their surrounding landscapes as Ondaatje explored with and without a fly rod, sharing his deep personal affection for solitude, the unspoiled beauty of the wilderness, and the aesthetic marvel of coastal water patterns across a wide range of climates and topographies.

Ondaatje’s photographs marry remote drone photography with fresh artistic vision. Illustrated with 150 extraordinary photographs, Water Views is organized thematically into ten evocative chapters: Beaches , Waves , California Dreaming , Floating , Wilderness , Western Trout , Overhead Angling , The Flats , Developed Waterfront , and Emerald Escapes.

Throughout the book, Ondaatje voices his concerns about the threat climate change poses to our aquatic wilderness areas. He worries that many of the places he has photographed in the past few years are already no longer the same, and his photographs remind us of the fragility of our river systems and what is at stake.

A new book from Monacelli, Water Views is a fascinating and restorative exploration from above of the fragile beauty of water and the growing need for us to do more to preserve it.

About Monacelli 

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***Description from R.L. Winston Fly Rods