Exceptional for scenarios that call for long casts with pinpoint accuracy, the TUF Line XS Fluorocarbon Line’s extra-smooth design loads on and off any spool with incredibly fluid and buttery efficiency. In addition to being super smooth, the XS Fluorocarbon Line is virtually invisible, making it an excellent tool for targeting finicky fish or navigating gin-clear water with extreme stealth.

Capitalizing on fluorocarbon’s naturally stretch-resistant properties, the TUF Line XS Fluorocarbon Line transmits information from your lure to your rod better than other lines on the market thanks to its incredibly sensitive construction. Taking your clearwater game a step further, it is strong enough to deliver eye-crossing, solid hooksets - even at long distances. X-tra smooth and X-tra sensitive, the TUF Line XS Fluorocarbon Line delivers powerfully covert performance to give you confidence in the connection between you and your trophy fish.